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Welcome to the SF Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group.

Erotic hypnosis--or as some like to call it, hypnokink--encompasses the wide range of hot, sexy things we can do with trance and suggestion. This includes enhancing or transforming sensation, creating feelings of immobility or external body control, intensified emotions or experiences of D/s & role play, the creation of positive hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that aren't actually there), and temporarily altered memory or identity.

We teach erotic hypnosis as a collaborative, improvisational process in which both hypnotist and hypnotee are active participants. Rapport and trust are the foundations of everything we do.

Founded in 2011, we are the Bay Area's oldest hypnofetish organization, and as of February 2017, we have over 1000 members in our Fetlife community.

To connect with us beyond this website, please visit:
our primary Fetlife group
Our Fetlife discussion group

We hold regular monthly meetups from 7:30-10:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission St, San Francisco, CA.

The meetups are a combination of educational workshop or presentation, hypnotic practice and play time, tasty pizza, and socializing. We request a $10-20 donation, collected during the break.

All our meetups are beginner-friendly; no attendee will be required to participate in any exercise, demo or trance session. We have rules governing behavior of attendees (posted further down on this page) so that everyone feels comfortable. Attendees are held responsible for respecting other people's limits and being clear about their own.

If you arrive early for the meetup and the place is locked/closed: DON'T PANIC! Our booking begins promptly at 7:30pm, and we can't always get into the space early if it's in use.

We also organize more classes, events, and meetups at other times and locations in the Bay Area.

We are the organizers of the Western Erotic Hypnosis Unconference (WEEHU), which just celebrated its 5th year.

If you have any questions about our group, or if you are a hypnotist or subject interested in presenting for us, please use this contact form.

Our next meetup is on December 6th, 2017. The topic is:

Improvisational Hypnosis Workshop

We had a blast last month working with participant-led ideas, including things like different types of inductions, working with touch-based suggestion, and sensation transformation, and we still had so many enthusiastic ideas that we are continuing the energy into this month! Who knows, this may just be the new default format ;)

Ideas that have already been proposed:

hypnotic bondage
playing with positive hallucinations
on-the-fly inductions using items you happen to have on hand
how to plan or set up more elaborate scenes

We encourage you to bring a particular topic or idea that you'd like to bring to the group to share, demo or discuss - or just bring yourself and there'll be lots of ideas to go around!

An Important Note

If you attend, or indicate you may attend our events, you may be contacted by someone associated with a group of people that have been defaming our group for several years. This group has mounted a concerted campaign against us, and has rejected all efforts toward mediated resolution. We can make ourselves available to discuss this with you to the extent that we are able, and we are very sorry for any discomfort you may experience if you're contacted.

Rules of Conduct

Every group has norms and expectations of behavior, and ours is no exception. All SF Bay EH Group events are adult gatherings, and we expect you to behave like a responsible adult. Below are our rules: you will note a strong emphasis on basic respect and responsibility.
  • Respect the space and boundaries of your fellow attendees.
  • Whether you are acting as a hypnotist or a subject: Be proactive and clear in communicating your boundaries, limits, expectations, and desires, and make a point of learning & respecting those of the people you interact with. Get explicit permission before initiating touch, trance, triggers or other play.
  • Some subjects and 'tists have prearranged agreements with each other regarding boundaries and consent. Respect them. If you have concerns about other people's interactions, ask them about it.
  • Take care not to interrupt scenes. Hypnotic scenes can take many forms. Don't assume that people who look awake are necessarily available for conversation or in a good space to give informed consent to you. When in doubt, wait until a more clearly appropriate time.
  • Subjects and hypnotists are both responsible for making sure that scenes end well. If you are a 'tist, do wakeups responsibly and be careful with post-hypnotic triggers. If you are a subject, be mindful of your headspace and capabilities post scene. It's always fine to ask for another wakeup or other help getting back to baseline.
  • All of these rules apply equally if you replace the words "'tist" and "subject" with top/bottom/Dom/sub/person/etc, or any hypnosis term with an equivalent non-hypnosis term.
  • The general age minimum for our events is 18, unless clearly stated otherwise in our promotional material.
  • Alcohol is not allowed at our monthly meetups.
  • Our rules do not override the rules of local dungeons, play parties, or venues at which we might be teaching, demo-ing, or hosting an event. We expect our attendees to familiarize themselves with any relevant rules.
  • AT ALL TIMES: Yelling the word "safeword" is a call for help beyond your scene. Please don't be casual about using this important signal.
If you have a negative experience with another attendee that violates our rules, we encourage you to come to us (email: weehu@panavatar.net). If a rules violation is witnessed by us or reported to us, the next steps are entirely at our judgement and discretion. Action taken will vary based on the nature of the reported incident, the wishes of the person making the report, and the response of the person who is reported. By attending our events, you are agreeing to this handling of reported incidents.

(The above paragraph is a modified version of BENT's consent culture policies.)


FAQ About Erotic Hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

That is a surprisingly complicated question. Every hypnotist has a different answer. Here is a useful and relatively complete definition:

Hypnosis is a mental state characterized by a distancing of the mind from the here-and-now (often defined or perceived as a trance state, but not always) and by a heightening of suggestibility.

After that it gets complicated. That's because every hypnotist and subject experiences and perceives things slightly differently. Hypnosis is not a one-size-fits-all activity or experience.

No one knows exactly how or why hypnosis works. It seems the mind naturally and readily accepts suggestions from trusted sources, particularly when the conscious, analytical, parts of the mind are distracted. Hypnosis is a collection of methods that, for millennia, have been found to distract the conscious mind, inspire trust, engage the suggestible parts of the mind, and leave persuasive instructions in place.

Although hypnosis can be used for many reasons, in our group, we focus exclusively on the erotic side of things. In particular we do not advocate the use of hypnotherapy except by a licensed professional in a clinical setting.

Here are some statements about hypnosis that are largely true but not always:
    • Hypnosis usually involves two people: a hypnotist, or 'tist, and a hypnotee, or subject. But it can involve 1 person or multiple people in either or both roles. These roles often correspond to the roles of top and bottom, or dominant and submissive, but not always.
    • The process of a hypnotic session often (but not always) consists of an introductory discussion or "pretalk," the induction of a trance, suggestions given in trance, and the post-hypnotic state, when suggestions are acted on. This is called the "classical" model of hypnosis and is really completely arbitrary but nonetheless extremely useful.
    • Hypnosis typically is induced verbally, by a hypnotist speaking to a subject. (But one can be hypnotized by touch, by text, by imagery, by recordings, or by sounds other than a voice.)
    • Hypnotic effects can be experienced while in trance or afterward, post-hypnotically. They can be experienced in isolation or be integrated with the rest of the subject's alert, waking environment.
    • Hypnosis generally requires a level of trust, or empathy, between hypnotist and subject. It is largely true that subjects cannot be made to do anything that they don't want to do under hypnosis, but it's important to keep in mind that we all have latent or subconscious desires that we don't normally acknowledge and/or that wouldn't be a good idea to consciously act on. Ethical hypnotists will not intentionally step beyond negotiated boundaries; ethical subjects should know that they always have agency even when they feel like they don't, and even while deep in trance will be able to bring themselves out of trance as needed and/or refuse to follow suggestions they aren't comfortable with.

What's so erotic about it?

Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis to enhance any sort of sexual situation with mental or physical effects.

Erotic uses vary immensely from person to person. The list of possibilities and/or reasons for using hypnosis in an erotic context include:
  • A fetish for hypnosis in general.
  • The pleasure of going in and out of trance.
  • Long trances as mental vacations, or chances to behave uncharacteristically.
  • Removal or loosening of physical or mental inhibitions.
  • Altered or heightened sensations, including arousal and pain.
  • Relaxation, the feeling of floating.
  • Control over orgasms.
  • Illusory bondage.
  • Enhanced obedience or submission.
  • Creation of new fetishes.
  • More realistic role-play.
  • A general boost in self-confidence, self-control, assertiveness or other characteristic.
  • Relaxation and general pleasure.
  • Trance.
  • Heightened arousal.
  • Amnesia.
  • Visual, auditory and other sensory illusions.
  • Guided visualization, out-of-body experiences.
  • Apparent external control over body, behavior and mind.
Some of this FAQ was borrowed, with much thanks, from HypnoMaster_D's FAQ about hypnosis in the Fetlife Erotic Hypnosis group.